Proclamación de existencia, installation view, Venice 2020

Proclamación de existencia, video, 4 min, Atacama, Cile 2020

Now on show at Ocean Space. Territorial Agency: Oceans in Transformation.
Curated by Daniela Zyman, commissioned by TBA21–Academy and co-produced by Luma Foundation.
Aug 27 - Nov 29,  Chiesa di San Lorenzo, Castello 5069, 30122. Venice, IT.

Proclamación de existencia

The Salar Grande is a Neogene evaporitic basin located in the Cordillera de la Costa in Atacama, with persistence of hyperaridity over millions of years. It holds almost 40% of the global Lithium reserves, making it one of the most exploited extraction areas worldwide.
This video plays on the Chilean Declaration of Independence's text, slightly twisting it in order to represent the existence of the Atacama's extremophile bacteria. Such organisms, believed to be very close to the first forms of lives on our planet, thrive in the extreme conditions of the saltflat, inhabiting its Lithium-rich rocks and producing oxygen on extremely high rates, contributing to clean the air we breath on a global scale. The  existence of such ecosystem is now threatened by extractivism.
Native people of the desert worshipped the salar as a sanctuary, protecting it, also for the seasonal presence of migrating fauna such as the flamingos.

The wait, video trilogy, 12.38 min, Venice 2019

The wait

The fireflies dance is a survival light of desire, a clandestine attempt to chronicle inner states, even in the darkest times, when nothing appears to happen: the most marginal inner experience can appear as a glimmer to others, when it finds its own form of construction, narration and transmission.
Exploring trough the camera the very act of waiting, this work reflects on what Martin Heiddegger calls Gelassenheit. In his considering the nature of waiting as an human activity, Heidegger points out its deeper significance, beyond the merely human - the subjective, and reaches a wider conception of the waiting. When we wait in this first human way, waiting involves our desires, goals, and needs: normally, when we wait we wait for something. But further than this, there is a sense in which we can wait without knowing for what we wait. We may wait, in this sense, without waiting for anything. The trilogy is composed by three indipendent videos in dialogue one to each other. It opens to questions about life, hope, and love in a very intimate record of non-events: personal notes, marginal thoughts, stories that never really happened and still happen every day.

Allegretto, documentary, 20.53 min, Venice 2017


Rhythm. Three young grandchildren travel together to seek traces of aging inside the lives of each of their grandparents, that deliver individually different narrations about aging tempos. Does aging has a universal language?How many borders appear before the absolute border? We find ourselves in the center of our exploration staring over what we think is more than temples of flesh, falling skin and deep wrinkles, that are the bodies of our grandparents. We look at time passing.
We look at the human as an entity, as a body, as a palimpsest – a living clock per se - focusing on its final acts where slowness dives in, possibilities diminish, the actions become fewer, more isolated and more intense.

Felice cade, documentary, 15.13 min, Varese 2017

Felice Cade

This video cointains a serie of interviews which portrait the story of a man, whose cheese-factory failed in 2013. These interviews are taken as strictly personal raw material and the characters in it answer the question: “what is a failure about?”      -     ︎@ _la_ter