My practice wonders into the relations between the body and the enviroment. It seeks for the mixage of the very-common, non-impressive tools and poetry, unproductive actions against the totalitarian machine.
What I am really interest in is the process of knowledge, the precariousness of it, the need of a roof over our head, of food and company, and the nomadic contemporary way of living and loving.
For what concern my artistic career, well, this is a sore point to me. The more I engage with the art world, the less I wonder about my “career”, the more I feel uncertain about the future. I’m not always exactly sure where my projects will be leading. Sometimes I feel quite unsure about producing something concrete, about its disposal, about its urgency. Still, the question of how to economically survive as an artist, or as a person in general, seriously stung me. I need a safe place where the artistic dialogue is possible and some support. I can’t even say I deserve it more than anybody else, I just feel it is a fact to me: I have no other way to go “stay into the trouble” but art.
To me, practicing art is a matter of awareness and consciousness. The deep seeking for something we still don’t exactly know, and, in the route, the ancestral urgency to leave a signal for who’s gonna walk the same way.
I want art to be a reason to keep walking, a tool to better clear my voice, and keep resisting. It is a silent but fearless way to be present to one another, to connect, to take care, to mix with one another.      -     ︎@ _la_ter