Born in Varese IT, in 1993

Teresa lives and works as a transversal artist in Italy. The focus of her formal research is the corporality and the enviroment, as reciprocal exchange of informations.

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Into the flesh


Art book
ink on andmade paper
21 x 21cm, 184 pages

Into the Flesh deals with the carnal aspect of our being, it deals with fault and defects.
The act of retraining the ‘wrong’ shoots, those that are eliminated, thrown away, deleted from cameras’ memories, depicts for me a new iconology of the human state. Each expression we take is made not just by the instant of its perfection, but in all the instants that really compound it.
For the shooting it was asked a group of people to pose in front of the camera. As soon as they realized to be the subject of a picture they changed their attitude, trying to look as good as possible: fakeing their expressions.
By a process of familiarization, they could relax into the image and allow the imperfect picture to be shooten, then slightly impressed on the pages of this handmade book.