Teresa Satta

Born in Varese, Italy, in 1993.


¿Donde empieza un laberinto?
Where does a labyrinth begin?


textile performance /temporary installation
duration: one month

synthetic fabric, natural elements
various sizes

What’s possibilities, time and process? May be an actitude in which what have been, what would have been and what will be (but isn’t yet) cross toghether the same territory. May be the seeking for some space where an identity could take root.

This half-performance, half-installation, half-playing with materials and architecture, took place once upon a time in Bogotà. Three symbolic elements dominate the action field: the labyrinth as a ritual form of passage; the tend as the attempt of settle down in a place; the tree as the natural element which preced and remains after the artistic intervention, as the relational mark and the stable support.