Teresa Satta

Born in Varese, Italy, in 1993.


Comprensión recíprocaun refugio para abejas
Mutual understanding, a bees refuge


permanent installation
clay, 70 Ø x 50

in collaboration with
Rafael Duarte Uriza, Fabio cavallari

Bees extinction is one of the most popular issues of contemporaneity: the disappearing of those small insects constitue a very huge risk in terms of biodiversity and ecology, and it affects the whole ecosystem as we use to know it. One of the most evident consequence is their migratory movement: especially because of pesticides in large-scale and industrial farming, bees use to move from field to cities, seeking for a liveable space. From an ubranistic and human point of view, bees migration is mostly seen as a problem to get rid of.
The project consists in the implementation of some beesrefuges, that promote the coexistence and contribute to create a moment of information around it.
The clay device have been designed to be located in safe areas for both be es and men.